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Lana and a dandelion 

2013, oil on canvas on hardboard, 30х20,5 cm
This study with flowers I painted at the plain air where I taught senior schoolchildren and students painting. This subject fitted very well into the appointed by me plan of exercises as it gave an opportunity to work on expression and to try a new technique. The thing is that the previous task was to depict the field of shriveled prickly wheat. That subject demanded the according implementation: I suggested to paint it “dryly and poignantly”. The color was painted “in wipe”, the ears were painted by abrupt slashes of brush, forming the thin sharp strokes, the coloring was picked up restrained, grey with ochre.    
Subject with the blooming flowers was dramatically contrasting to the field of wheat. It was rather a green entangled ball of stems and leaves, with sticking out daises, some of them completely withered and some of them full of life. Somewhere through the thicket had shown up orange marigolds. Their petals, so thin, let the sunshine through, glowing as if they were lights by themselves. They stand out from the green background so much that I decided to make one of the marigolds the main hero of my picture. This time I set before my students, and surely myself, the task to depict this dense mess of greenery in the contrast with the impression from the shriveled wheat filed. Therefore was chosen the next method of painting: the color was painted densely, creating thick layer of texture, which depicted stems and leaves by itself. It only remained to search for this images and to adjust them a bit, giving completeness. Only one marigold we painted by transparent orange paint to convey its “fire”.


what does it mean to fight misogyny & femmephobia as a person with disabilities when the party line is “femme/femininity isn’t frail/weak” but yr body sometimes is?  are fragility & weakness so inherently bad that they need to be recast & reclaimed as strengths instead of being recognized as an inevitable part of being alive/our experiences?  do i always have to be strong/what are we investing in strength/why are we investing so much in strength?  

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